We bring much more to an engagement than standard approaches or interventions.

Establishing client relationships built on trust and discernible impact, we promise that the people who do the work are those that you talk to upfront. Never does a client end up working with different or less experienced consultants.

We are as much shirt-sleeved tacticians as high-level strategists. We do not bill in small increments, and actively involve ourselves in engagements.

Our intensity and active participation has resulted in an enviable record of success. Extensive campaigning experience from the sides of union and management, language diversities, and direct communication with employees during a campaign sets us apart. When acting as third-party persuaders, we register and make appropriate financial filings with the Office of Labor Management Standards.

Diverse, multilingual, and extremely skilled, each of our consultants possesses a unique blend of broad-based experience and specialized talent. Our collective experiences have taught us to be pragmatic, not theoretical. We offer special knowledge, skill, and abilities, coupled with an understanding of success, for any organization whether it requires systemic change or a fast fix.